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How do I get a Username or other User ID in order to log in?
If you haven't received your username, please contact your employer.

Where do I get my PIN/Password?
If you haven't received your password, please contact your employer.

What is 'Remember My Device', and do I have to do this?
When logging into the system for the first time from a non-public, secure device, it is important to select "Remember My Device" so the system recognizes the user device for future visits. This will reduce the chance for being challenged when logging in.

A personal site image used to be required. Is that no longer needed?
You no longer have to remember or confirm a site image. The site image method of authentication has been removed as other authentication processes are in place.

What are security questions? Where do I get them?
Security questions are a series of questions that you select and corresponding answers that you provide. We use these to verify your identity on occasions when we can't verify your identity. You will choose your security questions when you login for the first time; you can change them at any time."

When I logged in, I saw that you already had some of my personal information. Why is that?
Your employer provides us with some of your personal information so that we can properly verify you when you log in. Or you may have provided it to us previously in another process.

How do I log in next time?
Each time you come back, you'll be asked to log in. You'll be asked to provide your Username or other User ID, and enter your PIN/password. From time to time, we may also require you to answer some of your security questions, or take additional steps to verify your identity in order to log in.