How does this process work?
To further validate your identity when logging in or changing your password, we have you go through the enhanced Question and Answer authentication process. During this process you will be asked questions about you that only you can answer.

Where does the information come from?
The information can come from publicly available data sources such as county or city records as well as an identity verification service independent from your employer.

This means that the questions will be highly personalized to you. It is understandable that this makes some people uncomfortable but it is of the utmost importance to protect you and your data through a PIN / Password reset process that offers a very high level of security.

How do you use this information about me?
Your personal information is only used to help you log in. This information is not kept or shared for any purpose.

Do you keep this information on file?
No. Once the process is complete, no record is kept of the information or how you answered the questions. In addition, your employer will never know what questions were asked or how you answered them.

How many questions do I need to get right?
To protect the process, we can't answer that question. Enough right answers are needed to accurately verify your identity.

Will I need to answer questions every time I log in?
No. You only need to answer these security questions if we detect risk and need to further validate your identity.

Does this new process apply to both your customer service center and the Web login?
Yes. The Question and Answer Login will be used by our customer service representatives if you call in for help and will also be used on the Web if you forget or need to reset your PIN / Password.

How much time does this take?
It will only take a minute or two.

If you choose to call the TALX Call Center for help, it will increase the time you spend on the phone slightly, but it also increases the security of your information as well.